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On September 14, nearly 20 YP's across the state of Iowa, tuned into a virtual lunch hour discussion on ART in Iowa.

Guest speakers were:

They said “someone should do something about that,” and decided they should be the ones to step up. YP Iowa is highlighting young professionals who saw a need in their community and took action.

15 YP's across Iowa joined us to hear how Supply Hive and SHIFT ATL recognized the challenges in their communities and created initiatives to meet needs.

About Supply Hive: In the spring of 2020, an imperative social movement began. Supply Hive founders Aaliyah Quinn and Zakariyah Hill knew that any movement requires logistics; food, water, supplies, and support that enabled people to join and stay in the fight. At first, Aaliyah and Zakariyah were focused solely on nourishing the movement; but as their crowd-sourced funding grew, and people were eager to join them, it sparked an idea. What if the concept of nourishment and support could be extended beyond that crucial moment in time? What if we could look at ways to sustainably nourish marginalized communities and peoples? What if support were extended to create real and lasting change in ways that the Des Moines community had not seen before?

About SHIFT ATL: SHIFT ATL was officially born in June 2019 by a group of young(er) professionals who believe in creating a positive “shift” for the Atlantic community. SHIFT ATL aims to be a development catalyst organization by identifying the needs and wants of residents, and creating an actionable plan to move forward. It serves as a conduit and connector for those that have a passion project but not necessarily the means or backing to get started. Getting the right people and pieces in place to support new and expanding businesses, organizations and projects is at the heart of how SHIFT ATL operates.

On April 1, five teams of Young Professionals from across Iowa, spent their evening testing their Iowa trivia during YP Iowa's first virtual Trivia Night!