CONNECT young professional organizations and individuals to advance a statewide network.

  • Gain access to YP leaders from across the state

  • Premier networking opportunities at YP Iowa Conference

  • Build strong relationships with elected officials

EDUCATE young professionals on the importance of their involvement in the growth of their communities.

  • Attend Monthly Board meetings provide an opportunity for YP leaders from across the state to learn from one another and provide insight into running a successful YP organization.

  • Learn about the challenges facing YP’s across the state and with a collective voice enact solutions to ensure the strength of all Iowa communities.

  • Provide educational opportunities that help YPs learn and grow through YP Iowa’s events and communication channels.

ENGAGE young professionals with opportunities across the state of Iowa.

  • Assist in starting YP organizations in communities that need a stronger youth presence

  • Facilitate a strong community of Young Professionals through various social media platforms.

  • Provide leadership development opportunities for local young professionals

INFORM young professionals about conversations happening throughout Iowa

  • Provide access to various Young Professionals networks across the state.

  • Share issues facing the different counties across Iowa

  • Showcase the potential and possibilities within our state

RETAIN young professionals in the state of Iowa and in their communities

  • Establish the next group of community leaders across the state.

  • Create connections between Young Professionals and their local businesses.

  • Highlight the quality of life that our Iowa communities have to offer.